Tooth Replacement


Tooth Replacement
Tooth Replacement

This semi-flexible removable partial denture has superior strength, flexibility and comfort fitting perfectly with the natural gum tissue, without the need for ugly metal clasps.


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The tooth above and the teeth beside the missing tooth gradually move into the empty space as they have no contacts. This leads to many consequences such as, fractures, cavities, gum disease, tooth mobility, TMJ disorder, and even headache can be due to this.


Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. It is usually made of titanium or titanium alloy. The unique properties of the implants and its surface preparation allow your jawbone to be fused with the implant, which is good.

Using this artificial root, teeth group of teeth or even whole arches of teeth can be built on it.

Although the placement of the implant is very important and requires precise planning, a lot of people can’t believe how quick and painless the procedure is. All advanced techniques are available.

Why Dental implants?

  1. Strengthen your jaw bone whereas bridges and dentures weaken them
  2. No more wobbly dentures as they fit into the bone enhancing support
  3. High success rate
  4. Implants can’t get cavities
  5. Patients of any age can wear them after passing the assessment.
Tooth Replacement
Tooth Replacement


A crown commonly know as  a cap , covers a tooth to restore it to its normal shape & size.  A crown covers a single tooth, whereas a bridge is used to replace a missing tooth (it bridges the gap created by a missing tooth/teeth).

They can be metallic or metal free. Presently, CAD/CAM technology can be used to fabricate precise-fitting metal-free crowns.

Tooth Replacement
Tooth Replacement

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